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Black Therapists Matter was founded by Pametria Brown, LCSW to celebrate Black mental health and wellness providers while increasing accessibility. We have built a growing online community through social media but now we are broadening our efforts to not just provide resources but to show you how to utilize them.  Let us help you shop for your therapist!

B.Flynn- Therapist

"What I love about being a Black therapist is showing the youth there are people who look like them in this field. Representation matters so much."

N.Futrell- Therapist

"I absolutely love sitting in front of people who look like me and hearing them say' thank you for seeing me' that representation truly makes a difference in the connection."

E.Tate- Client

“Having a Black therapist gave me the space to be vulnerable as a Black man. It gave me a safe place where my race and mentality were both acknowledged.”
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